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This should not be confused with " spectral absorbance".


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This is sometimes also confusingly called "spectral intensity". According to OED citations, this expression appeared in print by the mid-17th century, antedating slip of the tongue by 65 years.Radiance emitted by a surface, divided by that emitted by a black body at the same temperature as that surface. Real World Adobe Photoshop CS3 Radiant flux reflected by a surface, divided by that received by that surface.

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With the rise in piracy, however, the expression took on implications of exposure after attempted or successful deception. This is a directional quantity.Radiant flux per unit frequency or wavelength. Bones and Biscuits This is sometimes also confusingly called "intensity".

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Faster film, that is, film with a higher ISO rating, requires less exposure to make a readable image.Exposure compensation is particularly useful in combination with auto-exposure mode, as it allows the photographer to bias the exposure level without resorting to full manual exposure and losing the flexibility of auto exposure. Alice@Wonderland This is sometimes also confusingly called "spectral intensity".Right click to remove from a socket. Under the Roofs of Paris John Wiley and Sons. SS-Geiseln in der Alpenfestung An appropriate exposure for a photograph is determined by the sensitivity of the medium used.A similar expression is slip of the pen, referring to a written mistake.

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Examples include black-and-white photography and portraits with an out-of-focus background.Exposure time is controlled in a camera by shutter speed, and the illuminance depends on the lens aperture and the scene luminance. Super Detectives (Simon and Chester Book #1) Als Bruttoexposure bezeichnet man die Gesamtheit bestimmter Exposure-Elemente, bspw.A loss of highlights in a photograph is usually undesirable, but in some cases can be considered to "enhance" appeal. The Chemistry of Death Areas of a photo where information is lost due to extreme brightness are described as having "blown-out highlights" or "flared highlights". Agile Teamarbeit Radiant flux emitted, reflected, transmitted or received by a surface, per unit solid angle per unit projected area.Radiant flux emitted by a surface per unit area.


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Radiance transmitted by a surface, divided by that received by that surface.This expression is one of the most common in the English speaking world, but no plausible theory of its origin exists. Digital capture tends to be more tolerant of underexposure, allowing better recovery of shadow detail, than same-ISO negative print film.Originally, colors referred to the badge, insignia, or coat of arms worn to identify and distinguish members of a family, social or political group, or other organization. Retrieved 2 July 2011.

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This is a directional quantity.Lassen auch Sie sich jetzt von diesen Schuhmodellen verzaubern. Das translation exposure kann nicht abgesichert werden.Luminous flux per unit solid angle per unit projected source area. This is sometimes also confusingly called "intensity".