The Walled Orchard
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The Walled Orchard







The Walled Orchard

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The Walled Orchard is very very funny, but in the darkest of ways, and it is ultimately a true tragedy (after all, the title of the original first volume, Goat Song, means tragedy), and very moving indeed.


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The Walled Orchard, a historical novel by Tom Holt, also

Being able to appreciate the hilarity and apalling violence and loss of life of the Sicilian Expedition (read: disaster), and then also being able to communicate that dextrously to the reader, without descending to pure crudeness or cheap shots, is a remarkable achievement. Rain water is harvested to water the garden and we also have a stand-alone solar powered water pump for irrigating the greenhouse. Am Ende eines langen Sommers He has come into some land and works hard on it.Despite his bad luck he retains his positive attitude.

The Walled Orchard (English Edition) eBook: Holt, Tom

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The main theme in the story is love. A perfect mix of comedy and pathos with an anti-hero who I can relate to. He is forced to defend himself in court.

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As a person he is not particularly sympathetic, he is prone to being judgmental about others, a little bitchy and he seems rather cold in his dealings with family, and his new wife when he reaches the age for marriage. How dare you be so disgusting! The play has included a variety of literary elements in an appropriate manner making it interesting due to the aspect of diversity that keeps a reader glued to the story and excited to know what happens next.