You in Five Acts
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You in Five Acts







You in Five Acts

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How did the story take us there and deliver something great?Its not a pretty cover.


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What is Five-Act Structure and How Do You Use It?

This became easier to digest over time as I grew used to it, but it was still awkwar "It felt like our time had run out before it started.Personally, I feel that this story would have been stronger if more focus had been placed on the characters that really progressed the plotline through their actions, and less so on those whose actions only mildly affected it. There, he encounters a washed-up circus animal trainer named Gunther Roy.After 5 years of work, Bob carves his face into a block of granite in order to place it on Mount Rushmore, along with a plaque. Tempting the Highlander The hero has to learn and acquire new skills (like 8-bit graphic skillz, yo), and growing and learning and changing are usually painful and fraught with setbacks.Many characters reappear to speak about how Bob changed their lives.

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Children's Book Review: You in Five Acts by Una LaMarche

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