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City Secrets

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I know that Heather was just trying to help and all, but she needs to work on how she goes about doing that.


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I would suggest this book to either a advanced 5th grade student, or a mid-level 6th grade student. They used to not be Canterwood Crest: City Secrets was a good book.It sounded so relaxing. Michael Jordan What does this have to do with anything?Ultimately, this resulted in a lot of unfortunate incidences fo In this book, Sasha Silver is acting on a last minute offer to spend fall break with her teammate, Heather Fox.

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My sole purpose for reading the book was to get one step closer to finishing the series. Heather has an amazing penthouse with many guest rooms, personal servants, and anything you please at the snap of your fingers.I picked it up on a whim, not knowing that this story was exactly what I needed! Eine Woche drin Their trips through NY were really fun, and I loved the things they did together (even though Sasha was protesting a bit since Heather was paying for all of it, which I can understand might be a bit awkward).It is about Sasha Silver, an eighth grader at Canterwood Crest boarding school.

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The plot is that heather is trying to get Sasha to trust her but really she sending emails as Sasha to a boy Sasha likes. That being said, given the target audience, the story was well-adapted to the intrigues of first loves and mini-betrayals as one would expect from tween soap opera loosely based on the theme of horse riding.The morals are relatively good (other than the brand name dropping) and I would not hesitate to allow my daughter to continue reading the whole series. City Secrets is filled with old drama from the past book, Paige and Callie drama (thats kinda getting old), NYC and Heather (which kinda threw me for a loop).

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Overall, I really liked the fact that Sasha and Heather got over their differences, considered each other actual human beings. Also, the spa scenes were on point.She is on fall break, and is supposed to be spending it with her best friend, Paige, but two hours before they left, they got in a fight. I also thought the Salon sounded fun.