Through the Dark
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Through the Dark

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Seeing the old squad together again made my heart do a little happy dance.This collection is genius!


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Overall, I think this series of novellas really adds something to the story of these characters and the world they live in and would recommend adding it to your collection.In Time and Sparks Rise were both heartbreaking and so was Beyond the Night. Repaired it and then broke it again! Magischer Tigerwald Shut the door to your room and cry your eyes out.

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Almost always inner dialogue without any actually dialogue so it did make these stories almost feel longer than the series!I cried so much reading these novellas. I enjoyed this follow up although I would have preferred a follow up from the POV of the original characters. Real World Adobe Photoshop CS3 The old squad is BACK.

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But these novellas were beyond perfect!Sam would rather be on her own than put in the care of a foster family and given the "cure"-a dangerous procedure that unclaimed kids across the country are being forced to undergo. The Celery Stalks At Midnight It focuses on the life of Gabe, a young man who aspires to be a skip-tracer, who met Zu, a yellow, along his Through The Dark: A Darkest Minds Collection is the compilation of all the three novellas of The Darkest Minds series.It was the bomb to my emotions! Echoes of the Rebellion A new character, Mia, was fantastic.Everyone talks about all of these books and I want to join in because... Ein zauberhafter Winter That last story with Sam and Ruby and urg my heart cannot take it.

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Mild spoilers ahead, so if you have not read this book yet, GO READ IT.Beyond the Night is set after the story of In the AfterLight. Und dann: Kann ich nicht heute auch mehr tun?This one hit me a little harder emotionally because I felt we got to know the characters so much more deeply than the ones in IN TIME. This camp had a bunch of other kids who were all sorted into different colors.