The Machine Gunners
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The Machine Gunners







The Machine Gunners

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There are obvious links to WW2, with ongoing universal themes of family and friendship.


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The Machine Gunners (TV Series 1983- ) - IMDb

This is a great book and I would recommend this book to the people who like Fiction and Historical novels.And plenty of adults too. Simply and effectively told, it is both moving and funny.Apart from dealing with suspicious parents and the class bully, the children also deflect the interest of the police and the Home Guard, who would like to recover the machine-gun, if only they could find it. The Two-Week Arrangement (Penthouse Affair, #1) This book has it all - humour, sadness, life, death, love, adventure....

The Machine Gunners: Westall, Robert

Simply and effectively told, it is both moving and funny.This brilliantly written story throws us headlong into the grim reality of life in a small town in the North East during WW2. Chas and his chosen friends build a warren of air-raid shelters connected by tunnels, with a machine-gun emplacement, in the derelict garden of a bombed-out house.Library of Congress Catalog Record. The Wolf Garden The same night the church bells ring signalling a German invasion.

English KS2: The Machine Gunners. 1: The hunt for war

My memory being as terrible as it is vaguely recalled that it was about kids and a machine gun they found so it was good to go back to it without a clear idea about what was going to happen. Pink Christmas Bd.3 Clogger has to live with his Aunt, who only pays him any regard because she gets extra rations due to his presence. Cake All the children are anxious and insecure. La escritura enjuiciada The next morning Chas hides the machine gun in an old drain pipe.

English KS2: The Machine Gunners - BBC Teach

When the kids to find Rudi, the first thing they do is take his gun away. It is set in the town of Garmouth, a seaside town in northern England. I hope you enjoy it as much as my class and I did!

The Machine Gunners: Westall, Robert: Books

A book for young, sensitive readers in need of a challenge, or for adults anywhere because good stories should never be boxed into a genre or category. Believing the Germans are invading helps Rudi overcome his reluctance at letting the kids have such a powerful gun. But the idea to use it against the Germans comes shortly afterwards.