Broken Ground
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Broken Ground

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How have I made it all these years without reading Val McDermid?

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What McDermid does so well is keep at least four balls in the air, with occasional forays into the past.Soon she will have this new case on her hands which will show how she and her team work. She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award. Pandemonium (Delirium Trilogy 2) In this case, it has led me to discover a prodigious author (32 books!Lots of leg work and false turns before taking a step forward.

Broken Ground (Karen Pirie): Val McDermid

Cold Case Detective Karen Pirie is back in another page turner involving multiple cases she and her team are investigating. Die Seuche Also, the case is really interesting.Though the story mostly revolves around Pirie, other characters were developed well. The Moon of Gomrath Such is the case in the book Broken Ground by Val McDermid.Along the way, we are introduced into the world of the Scottish Polis, and Karen, and her associates. Hold Still The book is as much about Karen as it is the cases she is investigating.While there is a lot going on in Broken Ground, the plot moves rather slowly.

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My thanks to NetGalley and Atlantic Monthly Press for an advance complimentary ebook.Or even the idea of what justice is. DI Pirie has a new boss too that is definitely "out to get her".And the portraits of the cities and countryside made me want to see them first hand, even in the seemingly frequent rain. In this case, it has led me to discover a prodigious author (32 books!

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On top of this Karen finds herself unwittingly caught up in a domestic dispute which ends in murder and deal with her immediate superior Ann Markie who holds a personal grudge against Karen.Her boss is but a caricature of the bitch boss. With the change of the ACC who is a female, Karen expects many things but lands up totally with something else especially in the form of a spy in her office who manages to disrupt her usual working methods.The author, who has written over thirty novels, uses the recipe which always works with lovers of the genre: a mystery going back WW2 blended together with the descriptions of stunning landscapes of Scotland and characters who show both their strengths and weaknesses. Both of these stories are equally engaging.