Highlander for the Holidays
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Highlander for the Holidays







Highlander for the Holidays

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Strong women characters, very sexy headstrong and opinionated men, time travel, magic and But not vulgar sex, just truly romantic and soul healing loving.


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I look so forward to reading more about him with the (hopefully) next installment in the Highlander series. Materials quality and general layout in the new Highlander are almost identical to what was found in the previous generation of the crossover.There was of course the beautiful and rich setting which took place at Christmas time and I loved that, but I was actually really more impressed with the two main characters, Jessie in particular. Fish-Basics Fighting for what you want makes all the trials and tribulations worth the pain when you achieve your hearts desire.

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There is greed, cruelty, sex (heavy), villainy, love and even a bit of psychic intuition. When the past come back to haunt Jessie, will Ian be able to keep her safe?Their history made the strength of their attraction to each other much easier to believe. Frankenstein o el moderno Prometeo Then there were 5 men, Pendaar, and an owl.

Highlander for the Holidays (Pine Creek Highlanders Series

One thin leads to anot Aileen and Niall had known each other for years. Der Wahnsinn aus der Gruft Any book that starts with a highlander is a very good book in deed.He stills every scene he is in and makes readers see a deeper traumatic side of our heroine. My Louisiana Sky Daring to dream of more than a few slow dances and one very hot kiss. Tödliche Wahrheit / Die Bestimmung Trilogie Bd.2 With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be?Her new husband is not much better.

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Please pray for her husband and family. I really liked Ian MacKeage and his having an affinity for the handicapped and disabled explained his instant attraction to Jessie Pringle.While Ian has his own demons to fight, which have caused him to spend more time on TarStone than in his own home after his return from Afghanistan, he still wants to get to know Jessie better. And when he heard the whole "I lost my boob" thing in the woods, he was beyond intrigued.This character was so real, believable, and inspiring to anyone who has led a similar life.