Hunt for the Bamboo Rat
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Hunt for the Bamboo Rat







Hunt for the Bamboo Rat

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As fear of war hangs in the air, people are leaving the island and Zenji has a seat but he gives that up.


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Salisbury, Graham Hunt for the Bamboo Rat 323 pgs.Finalist for: Nebraska Golden Sower Award South Carolina Book Awards "A gripping saga of wartime survival. What Zenji thinks will be a quick mission abruptly turns into a long span of imprisonment, torture, and finally freedom.Perfect for fans of Code Name Verity and The Girl in the Blue Coat, Wait for Me, from debut author Caroline Leech, brings a fresh new voice, and a perfect blend of sweet romance and historical fiction, to a much-loved genre. FaceOff But after the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and on Manila, the Americans are forced to vacate.

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I like that it deals with a little written about component of World War II and is loosely based on a real person.When Zenji finally regrouped with America and got actual food he realized how lucky he was to have the life that he has. University of Doom With minimal training, he is sent to live in Manila, posing as a civilian worker living at a hotel with Japanese businessmen. Inselwinter / Winter Street Bd.2 He got lost in the jungle, where he had to struggle to survive.He plays his part to a T, for when things get out of control he knows nothing, he has no rank in the military, he is not a soldier, he is a civilian hired by the military to translate Japanese. Simons Katze gegen den Rest der Welt! I would recommend Hunt for the Bamboo Rat to anyone interested in historical fiction.

Hunt for the Bamboo Rat by Graham Salisbury

And although Hawaii was only an American territory until it became a state in 1959, if you were born there, you had American citizenship, just like Zenji continuously tells his Japanese captors throughout Hunt for the Bamboo Rat.World war II is sweeping across Europe and the United States is getting ready. The story will leave readers spellbound. Zenji Watanabe was born in Hawaii.Even though food is in short supply, Zenji starts to put some aside for the day he may be able to escape into the jungle and wait for the war to end.