Libro del desasosiego
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Libro del desasosiego

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This, and this alone, has been the meaning of my life.Now I read instead and wallow in indifference.

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Small numbers written in pencil on a wall that now have lost all significance.Each drop of rain is my failed life weeping in nature. At least this prospect makes it good for a laugh or maybe even a dance. Septimus Heap, Book Five: Syren I was robbed of any possibility of having existed before the world.

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There are images in the secret corners of books that live more clearly than many men and women.If I actually lived a great love, I would never be able to describe it. At times ebullient with joy, at times succumbed with sadness, this understated tapestry of febrile ruminations is sure to strike a chord with everyone at certain meeting points: particularly moments when the divide between self and others runs deepest. Unseen Academicals I am an endlessly sensitive photographic plate.


But all of this vanishes when I face someone in the flesh: I lose my intelligence, I can no longer speak.Flow on, flow on and leave me to forget! Wetware Life should be about finding a sane balance between reality and fantasy.Who are the four greatest Portuguese poets of the 20th century? Elfenfluch I have not gone as deep as this one here though, and I would have to say that this is better.However, so did the proportion of young people who lost touch with their dignity. Infinity Wars 1 - Die Hüter der Steine I found myself longing for the type of solitude Pessoa experienced, those many decades before our lives were invaded by television and the world was cinched tight by the Internet and social media.

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But this is a special diary.Todo me interesa y nada me cautiva. Haley & Travis - L.A. Love Story / Pink Sisters Bd.2 I have always been fascinated by people who can show their feelings and opinions so openly.Tanto el uno como el otro limitan la perspectiva y confinan el pensamiento a una parcela excluyente. Hearts and Swords The Book of Disquiet is a LiveJournal blog as written by E.Alternatively, it might have consisted of complementary material, the absence of which did not detract from the content of the original version. Fame and Fortune Every yearning for something that could never happen.

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Por cierto, Tabucchi y Pessoa descansan en el mismo Cementerio dos Prazeres lisboeta: curioso nombre. No, it is not sensitive to many things, but to those that actually deserve our respect and love.Every thought made by a restless mind. Note: I read the English (Zenith) and Spanish (Crespo) translations at the same time.