High Performance Web Sites
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High Performance Web Sites







High Performance Web Sites

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What do we mean by performance?A high-performance application is designed to perform well with a reasonable amount of hot data.


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High Performance Web Sites: Steve Souders - IT eBooks - pdf

Ask your hosting provider for help here.GZip DNS lookup is the process of translation the domain name to IP address. Compression reduces response times by reducing the size of the HTTP response.This redundant JavaScript execution happens in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, regardless of whether the script is cacheable. Endlessly (Paranormalcy, Book 3) The meta refresh tag and JavaScript are other ways to direct users to a different URL, but if you must do a redirect, the preferred technique is to use the standard 3xx HTTP status codes, primarily to ensure the back button works correctly.Make sure your team is familiar with these approaches and applies them to your website.

High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front

Regardless of the technique adopted, it requires some javascript programming to pull it off.Performance in your technology selection process Performance is not the be-all, end-all. Make sure this feature is enabled on your website!But is there a way to build pages with richer content while also achieving fast response times? True Stories of The Blitz Front Page, were able to benefit from these surprisingly simple performance guidelines.The ETag format for Apache 1.

High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front

They were supported in Internet Explorer starting with version 5, but were deprecated starting with IE8.Go through the 8 points above to ensure that everything is optimized and running as efficiently as possible. Das Buch Emerald / Die Chroniken vom Anbeginn Bd.1 In our case the HTML page is the progress indicator! Conversation and Community High Performance Web Sites covers every aspect of that process. Internal Investigations But it is likely that AppNee will make a transition in a few years).

High Performance Web Sites by Steve Souders

If you have a template system with highly dynamic content, you might want to look into optimizing the template system.The DEFER attribute indicates that the script does not contain document. Adored: An It Girl Novel Web application performance is a broad discipline. Wo ist Thursday Next? / Thursday Next Bd.6 I added a couple of optimizations to my website while I was reading this book myself. Gedichte und Gedanken So technically, the browsers are doing what they are supposed to do to resolve relative URIs.

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Create if you have JavaScript code and libraries that do drag and drop and animations, those can wait, For example the Yahoo! For instant, with Monitis you can tell when your hosting service goes down, accompanied by timely notifications (via everything from live phone messages, to texts, to email and Twitter).Combining files is more challenging when the scripts and stylesheets vary from page to page, but making this part of your release process improves response times. Firefox caches DNS lookups for 1 minute, controlled by the network.

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The High Performance Indicator TM (often called the "HPI," "HPI-II" or "HP-36") is a professional performance scale used to measure the factors that matter most in predicting individual high performance, as defined as long-term success. This book helps fill in those gaps and adds in a wealth of information about browser caching, headers, proxy considerations, etc.Depending on the application, changing the architecture could include daunting tasks such as synchronizing session state and replicating database transactions across server locations. Although a given file may reside in the same directory across multiple servers, and have the same file size, permissions, timestamp, etc.