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Stellar Eclipse

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Somnumbula is a pegasus pony with an Egyptian accent.


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When Rainbow and Fluttershy find Stellar Eclipse later with the chicken he requested, he is in line to buy an oat burger. When the danger of the Mare in the Moon loomed, Princess Celestia sent her to Ponyville to learn the importance of friendship, which proved invaluable in her confrontation with Nightmare Moon. Der Grashalm She is both a business owner and fashion designer, running the Carousel Boutique in Ponyville.

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After correcting her mistake, Twilight is able to complete the spell, creating new magic in the process.He admires the bragging magician Trixie along with Snips. Who Was Joan of Arc? Although very close to his sister, he has evidently lost touch with her as a result of her relocation to Ponyville. Dragonflight She is now the princess of the Crystal Empire.The brothers both debuted in the "Friendship is Magic" episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000". Die kleinen roten Stühle Daring Do is the main character of the book "Daring-Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone" and a few books.They come in a variety of floorplans and typically feature good-sized kitchens and sleeping areas.

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These guards first appear in the Friendship Is Magic opening scene.Some are described to be graceful. Tun-Amrad / Die Saga von Thale Bd.6 Her band makes it to the semi-finals and becomes angered when she loses to the Rainbooms despite the ladder not finishing their song. The Probability of Miracles Neon Lights is one of the minor characters in Friendship is Magic.Rarity is very cheerful, energetic, full of mischief and sometimes values fun more than her duties. The Land of Stories Complete Gift Set As the people began to fight among one-another, Hilda sang her Song of Destruction in order to halt the violence.His catchphrase is shouting "YEAH".

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She loves playing games and sports but argues with Cheerilee in some situations. Before Rainbow Dash approaches him near the end of the first act of the episode, Stellar Eclipse briefly appears in the background, shortly after Twilight Sparkle and her friends arrive at the Exchange. Sugar Belle is a unicorn pony with a light pink body, bright pink eyes and a bright magenta mane and tail.She also shows great patience with any inappropriate behavior towards her.

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North Star is an explorer Pegasus Pony with a strong British accent. Night Glider is a pegasus pony with a navy blue body, sky blue eyes and a light blue mane and tail with a lighter streak. She returns in "Magic Duel" where it is revealed her career was ruined after what happened and had to work on a rock farm for a living.Joe is a unicorn and a baker that appears in the episodes The Best Night Ever and MMMystery on the Friendship Express.