The Girl King
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The Girl King

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It is high fantasy.


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Eine echte Entdeckung ist allerdings die schwedische Schauspielerin Malin Buska, die als junge Monarchin alle emotionalen Register zieht, ohne in Overacting zu verfallen. She begins as a timid, naive girl who has spent her entire life ignored by her sister and emotionally abused by her mother. Cara Massimina Mit gerade einmal sechs Jahren wird die schwedische Thronfolgerin Kristina nach dem Tod ihres Vaters Gustav II.

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In Deutschland wurde der Film von der FSK ab 16 Jahren freigegeben.And thennn we get discussions of how menstruation interacts with the magic system???? Der Tod ist ein bleibender Schaden We also followed Nokhai, a Gifted Kith from the Ashina clan whose family was killed by the empire.I absolutely loved how Yu put periods on the page in a YA fantasy book. The Tiger in the Well: A Sally Lockhart Mystery With Lu we get a character who pushes against gender expectations, but with Min we have someone who is largely forced to work within them. 97 Ways to Train a Dragon #9 I thought that for a debut it was really really good, and I definitely found myself wondering if this author is actually a debut author after all.

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In fact, I wanted to love The Girl King.It balances the stakes between the two and I liked that. The Truth of Different Skies The three third-person perspectives are that of Lu, badass warrior and heir to the throne, her sister Min, younger and weaker and - for the most part - used as a pawn by everyone in the book, and Nok, a slipskin who can sometimes become a wolf.The writing and plot was really well done. Brodo But this is a really harmful trope and stereotype that is being used, instead of being deconstructed.. Who Is Steven Spielberg? This is kind of unrelated to the problematicness, but I just felt like some of the scenes (the rape scene among others) were overly violent for no real purpose.

The Girl King (The Girl King, #1) by Mimi Yu

Some of the world-building felt off as well.I expect it will be one of the most talked-about debuts of 2019, and rightfully so. And oh, have I mentioned anything about my fave character?I was uncomfortable, and not in the good way that made you think. This book took elements from like EVERY ya fantasy series that I love and then made them work and focused on the sisters and their relationships instead of the romances (can I get a damn amen?!