True Stories of The Blitz
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True Stories of The Blitz







True Stories of The Blitz

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War Through the Eyes of a Child: Plymouth Blitz Because of the heavy bombing of London, Coventry etc.As a result of the numerous instances of courage that happened during the attacks on civilians in 1940, a new gallantry medal was created.

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The Blitz: Survivors' stories | The Independent

On being bombed out: In Portsmouth We had open coal fires in those days and in the winter evenings we would sit around the hearth and Mum...He travelled where he was needed around Britain to defuse German parachute mines. Wartime in Grimsby The place was crowded and many of the people who were in poor physical and mental condition had come from...A Woman Doctor (Part One) Sal, Vin and Richard had no mum... Die Erfindung des Nordens For undertaking months of this dangerous work, he was awarded the George Cross in December 1940.

When London Burned - Extraordinary Stories From The Blitz

To protect his men from any further risk, Davies decided to drive it away himself to be disposed of. Die Zwillinge von Station 6 Despite this near miss, he was back on duty next day. Rescue 194 It was only when Florence emerged from the shelter that she realised the extent of the damage.I can remember (the government paid for that) so I could live in it. The Babysitters Coven As he floated down two German fighters passed and re-passed him, pouring burst after burst of machine-gun fire into him.

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But Armitage worked with cool determination despite the danger and managed to successfully defuse the bomb. Unsolved Remarkably, I found a spade lying near by. Schule ist die Hölle / Luzifer junior Bd.6 It was too slow to work like that and I frantically looked round for something to use.The driver and conductor of the 53 bus I boarded were as determined to get home to Plumstead Garage as I was to get to Shooters Hill. Princess Mirror-Belle and Prince Precious Paws Emily Hunt thinks that 7 September 1940 marked a time of change and attitude.

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The youngster, despite being injured, set off to deliver his message to Partick fire station but was hit by a high explosive oil bomb which left him severely burned and fatally injured.Children at War: Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire I had heard about Germans from my Teachers at my Council school in Coundon Road, when we children were... Unsuspecting onlookers, seeing the ARP armband, would help to load the getaway vehicle with loot. Next morning we visited the site with other friends to show them the plane but everything had gone and the site was clear.He was lowered into the pit.