The Lake House
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The Lake House

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Alice Edevane, sixteen years old and a budding writer, is especially excited.


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The Lake House - Rachel Portman: Musik

He places the box in the attic that Kate referred to in her first letter. She has moved into an apartment after living in a house built next to a scenic lake in a secluded countryside area. Faceless (Mortal Monsters, #1) The story is about a doctor played by Sandra Bullock and a guy who used to live at her very same lake house played by Keanu Reeves.

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But what you see in the trailer is what you get. Shine! They end up falling in love. Through the Dark Thank you for spending this Saturday together". Batman: Der letzte Ritter auf Erden In the time-bending romantic yarn The Lake House, moviegoers learn that love means never having to say, "Whoa!With all the pomp but little circumstance, the movie ultimately feels like it should have been made as a low-budget no-star foreign film with...

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The more they correspond, the deeper the bond between the two.He even has a chance to meet her before she knew him. He smiles to himself and, instead of crossing the street, walks away from Kate. But maybe they will never meet each other, because of the time distance.

The Lake House (2006) | Movie Trailer | Sandra Bullock

Adapted from the 1962 Italian film Il Mare, the concept held great potential (especially for this geeky reviewer, a big fan of time travel movies).She asks Alex not to contact her again. The tenant Alex Wyler reads the letter, but finds no paw prints, no box and no sign of life within the last 5 years, so disregards the letter until a few days later when he is redoing the paint on the handrails and a stray dog, whom Alex takes in and names Jack although the dog is female, trots through the brown paint and leaves its paw prints all the way to the front door. Moments later, she hears a truck pull up to the house.