Forgotten Voices Of The Great War
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Forgotten Voices Of The Great War







Forgotten Voices Of The Great War

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Forgotten Voices of the Great War: Interviews from the

Can you imagine being at war with someone, only to stop and become friends for the day.Descriptions by those who experienced the waves of chlorine and mustard gas, with advice to urinate on their handkerchiefs or caps and hold them over their mouths in order to save their lungs. I always tend to find traditional history books, and in particular tactical accounts of battles, difficult to take in, but these personal memories are far more accessible Devastating is the right word.Good and interesting history that adds flesh to the bones of political and military analysis. Albrecht Dürers Bildnis des Erasmus von Rotterdam (1526) - eine Analyse The author has utilized a number of tape recorded interviews conducted by the Imperial War Museum in 1972.Going back to the book, if you are interested in this period of history you must read it.

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I am glad when I read one guy using it to clean his pipe and showed the women up!I must admit that I was reluctant to buy this book as I was worried that a book full of short accounts would be too disjointed and really not detailed enough to satisfy my interest. Das Versprechen des Buchhändlers Some of these recollections are full of pathos, others make you despair about the state of humanity, others will make you weep for the fates of individual men, and others are tales of terror and carnage told in the most matter-of-fact and mundane way possible. Gemeinsam unterwegs You will find here many facts that will shock and horrify you. Hold Still The telling is enriched by the discovery of all small insider detail that combine with the thoughts, feelings and impression with historical fact which really give the modern day reader and unique insider perspective.

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This helps to give a picture of the progress of the battle, although a series of short excerpts does not give a good picture of each individual.It made me feel extremely grateful to the men who were willing to fight for their country, despite death and the horrible conditions on the Front. I will treasure this book to the end of my life. Combatants pending days and nights crouched in a concrete pillbox filled with two feet of muddy, filthy water, filled with excrement and the rotting bodies of enemy soldiers.

Forgotten Voices of the Great War by Max Arthur

Fully illustrated with photographs from the Imperial War Museum archives, maps and timelines, complete with special features boxes giving additional background information and a glossary, this book is destined to become an essential reference for pupils, teachers and families everywhere.Some of the accounts are horrific. If you only read a quarter of this book it will be worth it. Gripping, poignant, surprising and even humorous, the personal experiences of these soldiers, civilians, marines and medics from both sides tell us what it was really like to live through what was supposed to be the war to end all wars.