Swimming Against the Storm
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Swimming Against the Storm







Swimming Against the Storm

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This is the story of Eliza, and her attempt to save the swamp community she lives in from the dangerous rising water levels.


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Swimming Against the Storm — Rob Biddulph

While a storm, as in the title, both metaphorically and really swells through this book, the characters take risks with their own lives to fight against it and do something to help, however small.This is the third novel from Jess Butterworth and once again she has written an enthralling tale in a very different setting. Do you have a favourite? Tage in Burma On top of that, Eliza has just turned 12 and so her parents are now finally taking her out shrimping with them, and she discovers she hates it.Did you get to taste lots of traditional Creole cuisine when writing this book?

Swimming Against the Storm: Amazon.co.uk: Butterworth

I honestly think that I may have given it five stars if it was written for an older audience. Die Nebelelfen Twelve year old Eliza, sister Avery, friends Grace and Huy have a plan. The Museum Of Doubt I confess, though, how they set about it stretches credibility to the limit. Moonlight - Smaragdgrün Love between sisters, love for family and love for your lands as something worth fighting for as the community so entwined with the swamplands endeavours to stay despite the encroaching sea.

Review: Swimming Against the Storm by Jess Butterworth

I also enjoyed the relationship of the main ch This was an excellent story set along the coast of Louisiana, where the land is scattered into small islands, lined by bayous, marshland and swamps. Swimming Against the Storm.. My only issues with this book were how predictable it felt, and how untethered some of these ideas and subplots felt from the main story.

Swimming Against the Storm by Jess Butterworth

But now, with sea levels rising, their home is at risk of being swept away. Fully to enjoy this account, one has to take on board such absurdities. Life in this fishing community revolves around the fishing and shrimping catch and what is happening with the rising sea levels.