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Dirty Diary

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I hope Mia Engberg, Elin Magnusson and the other women behind Dirty Diaries decide to make some more porn in future as their perspective is truly needed in a world where the capitalist porn industry has been allowed so much influence over our sexualities and gender identities.


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Marlene Rauch ist eine super Sprecherin.Die Spannung steigt und Mia spielt mit uns Lesern. The aim is to "create an alternative to the mainstream porn industry by making sexy films we like". One Moment, One Morning and the Two Week Wait. The scenes are pretty varied but, unfortunately, also mixed in terms of their erotic appeal.

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It bears no resemblance to the fake, exploitative, sexist rubbish of the mainstream porn industry and all the actors are clearly enjoying it and doing it for their own pleasure. Partials series 1-3 (Partials; Fragments; Ruins) (Partials) The film is accessible to people turned off by mainstream porn and you can watch it in the knowledge that no one was exploited or abused in its production. Heroes, Fools, and Ghosts: Folk Tales and Legends Harper will sich eigentlich schon lange von ihrem Freund Joshua trennen.Genau das Liebe ich an diesen Geschichten, die passiert das was man erwartet und kennt. Betrogen / House of Night Bd.2 Das Tagebuch einer Toten finden und nicht zur Polizei gehen.

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According to the website Dirty Diaries is based around a manifesto which, among other things, condemns "sick beauty ideals" and calls on us to "smash capitalism and patriarchy". Harper will sich eigentlich schon lange von ihrem Freund Joshua trennen.Dann taucht das Tagebuch auf. It was funded with money from the Swedish government and consists of 12 short scenes all directed by different women and filmed with a mobile phone camera.