No Mark Upon Her
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No Mark Upon Her

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There was a lot of unwarranted speculation about his motivation and what he allegedly did, which I found heavy handed.


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I enjoy It appears at first an accidental death, the drowning of an award-winning rower who also happens to be a Met detective.You would be hard pressed to find an author who can create such a tightly plotted and richly detailed mystery than Deb Crombie. When characters have that much depth, it makes for a series that readers never want to end. The Rise of Nine Crombie is a wonderful writer.Duncan is never satisfied with the obvious and digs and digs and digs until he is satisfied that he has the proper outcome.

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In addition to the fact that she is black, she has intimacy issues.Not only is the plot fascinating, but in true Crombie-fashion she brings all her characters alive, from Duncan and Gemma to the most incidental character. Duncan begins to find all sorts of interesting details involving past relationships, betrayals, and hidden crimes, and as always, his wife Gemma also becomes involved. Der Träumer Crombie again has turned out a gripping and nicely tailored mystery and added another chapter to her chronicle of Kincaid and Jones.Oh, how I love thee, Deborah Crombie!

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A thoughtful and dangerous tone. A Boy Called Christmas In the midst of what is happening within their families...A local search-and-resc PROTAGONIST: Supt. Lecker ohne Böses Gemma is now married to Duncan but had to go through 3 weddings to satisfy everyone which was stupid beyond belief. Backen für die Familie The book concludes with Gemma pursuing an entirely new direction, and that makes me wonder about the future of their professional partnership and whether they will be engaging in more solo efforts. No Mark upon Her (Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James

As Kincaid looks into the case, he finds that Rebecca was a dedicated copper, but had made some enemies along the way.While this is a proven technique for building suspense, here it just builds impatience. I like this family.I think that although this book is fine as a stand alone... But, overall, I liked it very much.

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And the fact that she was also on the police force means a thorough investigation.Two of my family members worked at Leander, so I am familiar with the club and also the local area, and of course Sonning on the Thames. I read everything that this author writes.More will die before matters are resolved and the beautiful scull hand-built for Becca can be taken out for a memorial row. No Mark Upon Her is the 14th book in the series, I believe, but my first one by the author.