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Now, in the past books, I loved the land bits because Beatrice was so invested in it.


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Four or five times I bounced, hopelessly out of control, until the last time when the fear and the shock were too much for me, and everything went blank.In this series, Wideacre is a microcosm of England itself. Like Beatrice, Sarah would rather die than be apart from Wideacre soil.I opened my mouth to speak, but still no voice came. Ninon und Hermann Hesse I was clenching the bar as if it were the only thing which would save me from tumbling head first into a precipice.

Meridon (The Wideacre Trilogy, #3) by Philippa Gregory

All I could do was croak like a fear-struck frog.Like so many characters from Wideacre I felt so sorry for Meridon and the hardships she went through, but it made her a strong, independent person. Just because she is a girl, she has no claim to Wideacre.Still, the first hundred pages, the scenes depicting riding and racing, as well as the final chapters as Beatrice waits for her death are so beautifully written this book is well worth a read and is still highly recommended. Rote Spur My legs doubled up, my knees cracked me in the face, my stomach lurched as the net threw me up and I fell, as helpless as a baby bird from a nest, down to the swinging merciless blow again.

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The only good part about this is that for once, the book was not so filled with disaster and tragedy and one could even go as far as saying the ending was decent, almost happy.Sarah did have a confrontation wit Robert Gower about the death of her sister, but we never saw a final confrontation between Sarah and the man who killed her sister, Jack. The Stone Rainbow Will the lost heir to the Wideacre estate find her way home?The book started well with an interesting and engaging heroine but after a while she became a different person, boring, spineless and totally unconvincing. The Miracle Worker Please do as David says! Willow Like you do on the practice trapeze.Are the characters consistent?

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I looked again at the picture on the side. Fear had tightened my throat and I could hardly speak.I was bow-legged with fear and trying to balance. I should try one of her Tudor stories, apparently the ones based on real people and events are better, but not sure I want to take a chance again...

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Still, Phillippa, I love your writing... This paragraph is one of the most simplest ways to describe these major theme that places through all three books.I was instantly suspicious. Despite being mothers-daughters, they are all unique and choose vastly different paths.