The End of Loneliness
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The End of Loneliness







The End of Loneliness

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Marty seemed to have materialized from some kind of non-place, an alien who had positioned himself between us.


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The End of Loneliness: The Dazzling International

Years later, just as it seems that they can make amends for time wasted, the past catches up with them, and fate - or chance - will once again alter the course of a life.The theme of loneliness was there, implicit in all his thoughts and actions but not just in Jules himself. Some seem to roll with the punches, some retreat into addiction. Personal I was six and my first experience was to be in a boarding school.

The End of Loneliness: Wells, Benedict, Collins

During adolescence Jules starts to realise that his feelings are more intimate than just friendship, but will he risk losing what he has, to gain everything.I doubt that many people would describe a 13-year stint at three boarding schools instigated by an unfortunate turn of events as luck. Digital Uncanny I read this as a translated work and thought the translator did great with the fabulous understated work by the author because I meant to only read a little and ended up devouring the book in two sittings.Our adults and older siblings shared important conversations in the front seat of the car... Inspirierend führen The German-Swiss novelist Benedict Wells developed an intimate understanding of Bavarian boarding schools. Die Rache des Inquisitors When their idyllic childhood is shattered by the sudden death of their parents, siblings Marty, Liz and Jules are sent to a bleak state boarding school.Our mother was the undisputed star of the family, for us children, anyway.


The End of Loneliness introduces Jules the younge One of my bookish resolutions for 2019 was to read more World Literature and then, serendipity, I was introduced to The End of Loneliness set in Europe and written by a German author.It would mean that while our perspective would change and we would distance ourselves from treasured memories, they would still be there, and if we could go back we would still find them in the same place. We were - listening.As the book unfolds we see will how the lives of all five of them play out. Early childhood trauma changes us, and this is brilliantly shown in the lives of the siblings.Jules changes from a fearless, vivacious boy into a withdrawn teenager who writes stories and lives through his imagination.

The End of Loneliness (Hörbuch-Download):

I often ask myself this.Already on crutches for a football injury, he slipped on ice the day before our meeting. But I promised myself that I would not give up.There are portentous bookends within the recollection itself. With steady pacing, the novel allows the reader to reflect and meditate on several illuminating passages.You never know when it will strike.