The Great Wide Sea
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The Great Wide Sea







The Great Wide Sea

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It is a story to cherish and learn from.The Great Wide Sea is a survival story about a Dad and his three sons: Gerry, Ben, and Dylan.


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Did he fall, did he jump?He falls in love with his nurse, Zita, and when he recovers, her father, the Cretan owner of Stavros Boats, gives him permission to marry her. In a rash decision, his father gets rid of their house, their belongings, and life as they knew it to move them onto a boat for a year.The only thing I would recommend is that it This is not an action-adventure story to entertain kids. Hassliebe Everything I tell him is the truth.

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He finishes telling his story to Allie, who types it up, and the first part of the book ends days before his death.In his bunk there are other boys from the North who are older than he is. The only thing that got me down (but just a bit) was the extreme amount of sailing vocabulary.I joked earlier, but this book really does have a crapload of Robinson Crusoe overlaps. Furchtlose Liebe / Die Überlebenden Bd.2 Their was the two other ones I mentioned earlier and their were alot of flashbacks that told the story of their childhood and how their mom died and what happened after that and how their dad came to decide to take them on this vacation.

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While both have important and meaningful messages, they are often looked over by teachers and parents.In typical bildungsroman fashion he must pass through the journey to manhood and what he learns I loved this book! Spin the Dawn Three boys -- Ben, Dylan, and Gerry -- are forced by their father to "crew" for him for a year as they sail from one Bahama isle to the next while mourning the unexpected death of their mother. Trailblazers: Jane Goodall The only thing I would recommend is that it would have been good to have a picture of a ship with all the parts labeled, since most people I know find it hard to relate to some of the vocabulary.Herlong grew up in a small town in South Carolina where she once had a dog and never went sailing but did read about a million books. Heroes of the Valley When their mother dies suddenly from a "Once upon a time there was a family.

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I especially liked the storm and island scenes the best.Several parts were very sad, and I might have shed a tear... Die Prinzessin Girnara: Weltspiel und Legende They have a daughter called Alexis, nicknamed Allie by Arthur. Achtzehn Hiebe All piled here to make an island.And what happened to Dad? K&G - Das Beste aus der Landhausküche It is split into both chapters and sections, and induces page turning with its suspense.

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Herlong retired from the practice of law and a one-year stint as a law professor. Three of her sons read it immediately and liked it.I liked the cover! I felt like this story had a really good plot twist plus it seemed similar to the hatchet in that it becomes a survival story only the entire time his annoying brothers tag along. The Great Wide Sea (9780142416709): Herlong, M

It would also be a great addition to the middle or high school classroom. I selected to read The Great Wide Sea by M.As I understood, the author has been a sailor before and crossed the islands he mentioned in this book (no wonder the description is beyond imaginations and informations are far more than a person can tell just from books) I was entertained , I loved this book, defiantly a 5 stars book. The three boys and their Dad leave the Florida Keys in their sailboat, Chrysalis, and sail to several islands in the Bahamas.