The Ignorance of Blood
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The Ignorance of Blood







The Ignorance of Blood

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The fourth in the series of the Seville policeman deals with a whole platter of evil doers including the russian mob, corrupt businessmen and a politicans, CIA spies, and Islamic terrorists.

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Perhaps I should read the first one (The Blind Man of Seville) again just to refresh my memory.He is the brainchild of a British crime writer, Robert Wilson, who combined crime solving and the psychological development of the hero in a series of mysterious novels starred by Javier Falcon, Chief of the Homicide Division in Sevilla. The corruption is pervasive and goes from top to bottom of the tourist and leisure industry. Bel Canto In this final book of the series I wanted to show that although the leading characters all come under unbearable pressure their instinct is to protect those closest to them.It reads as if Wilson had a publishers deadline or had a ghost-writer.

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I am also sad that he resigned from the police force.Seville is still recovering from an unsolved terrorist bombing when an accident complicated by an improperly secure The cover of this book consists of a. Closer to Nowhere Looking forward to his next. Eine Woche drin That is three separate elements just in the picture.At the end, I wanted to start reading the series all over again. Teatime mit Tante Alwine Unique in his genre, I find the depth and complexities of his writing mind bending and quite addictive.Love me some intelligent thrillers!

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The Russian mafia enjoys a particularly powerful presence in the Iberian Peninsula especially in the coastal regions of Spain and Portugal. I found the ending very satisfying and the decisions the various characters make while in the midst of it all to be both compelling and comprehensible.Now the target of vicious hoods, Falcon finds those closest to him are also coming under intolerable pressure. The developments are quite often built on protected land, to which councillors have been bribed to give permits.Javier Falcon is a wonderful character, complicated and a bit noble.