Local Girl Missing
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Local Girl Missing

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I could almost feel the rush of sea water as waves crashed on the seawalls.Now the past has caught up with me.


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Local Girl Missing - Claire Douglas - Paperback

In full - I like the idea of this story. Local Girl Missing is a story split in two distinct time frames.As well as the setting, Douglas also displays strength in her creation of a whole host of characters. Deutschland rechts außen She is also in a rather dead end relationship and so, when the past intrudes on the present, she is convinced to return to Oldcliffe-on-Sea, the small seaside town where she grew up.

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I feel this is due to the setting that Douglas works hard to create for her readers. Georges Secret Key to the Universe The highlight of this book has definitely got to be the setting.I cannot say that I either connected with any of the characters, or had any belief in the plot by the end of the novel. Jersey Heat Still as insecure as her teenage days she runs her life to precision and is the buttoned-up stiff-upper-lip woman who has tried to leave her past behind. Fifty Fifty I would like to thank Net Galley, Penguin UK -Michael Joseph and the author Clare Twenty one year old Sophie Collier had vanished.

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Frankie just looooves talking and thinking about boys, especially Daniel, and would rather keep her reputation than do everything that she can to work out if her best friend was murdered. DOORS X - Dämmerung Apparently I am in the minority here in thinking this book is dreadful!I love a book with an epilogue and this book has it. Latein lebt Local Girl Missing is a story split in two distinct time frames. Die Herrschaft der Orks / Orks Bd.4 I was immediately suspicious of one character, but then as the story progressed I realised that there were indeed MANY potential suspects.

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Why police believed Daniel and his story instead of finding out the truth? It is a novel that successfully intertwines friendship, secrecy, lies and jealously in a complex tale for readers to unravel.It should have been just the type of crime story I enjoy, but I found the writing style difficult. They were really close joined at the hip.