The White Lioness
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The White Lioness







The White Lioness

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In looking into the disappearance of a real estate agent, Wallander discovers links to South Africa.

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I enjoyed this book, liked the characterisation and the settings, despite the more than slightly stretched set up. The story is told from several different points of view and jumps back and forth from Sweden to South Africa. Das Konzept Corporate Social Entrepreneurship And to some extent it was, but in a more masterful and confident way.

The White Lioness (Kurt Wallander, #3) by Henning Mankell

Now, Kurt Wallander, conference attendee, is back to being Kurt Wallander, detective on the job. It is NOT the radical choices which comprise the good: it is the small choices as this story exquisitely demonstrates: the thrown rock, the probing question, the decision to send one last tedious report, the effort to report something odd, at risk to oneself. Mitten im Leben wird Gott geboren Called in to investigate her disappearance (and ultimately her death), Wallander and his team had no idea that their search for a killer would take them across the world to South Africa (the year is 1992), where a small cabal was planning a major assassination which its members hoped would set events in motion to stop the plans for disassembling the policy of apartheid in that country.

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For one thing, our Swedish detective friend Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) is in South Africa for some sort of international police conference. Towns like Oak Park Michegan, Lebanon Tennessee and Monterey California. A black South African hit man in sent to Sweden to train with a former KGB officer in a remote house near Ystad where Kurt Wallander is chief inspector.