Snowflakes on the Sea
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Snowflakes on the Sea







Snowflakes on the Sea

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She made me like her one minute and want to shake her the next.


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Snowflakes on the Sea: Miller, Linda Lael

The theme song for this book has already been written and sung. But their love story is far from over!Nathan McKendrick is a famous singer and his wife, Mallory, earned her own fame as a soap opera star before finding what she really wanted was to be a schoolteacher and mother. Zur Entstehung des Begriffs Nachhaltigkeit One I adore Linda Lael Miller books.

Snowflakes on the Sea: Miller, Linda Lael: 9780373779932

But she is also a woman who has chosen to hold on too tightly to her past and what she has lost. Nathan was the fighter of the two.A lot of loving, fighting, loving, fighting, accusations. Glaubensmomente It comes down to whether she can truly let go of the past or if she wants to explore the future.

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Instead of finding us falling in love with some hunky cowboy Ms.And yet when you work for it, when you hold love close it is the most wonderful thing in the world. Moon Eclipse Miller totally blows it out of the water on this one.I really wanted to like Mallory, but I had some issues with her. Far From The Tree I know the drill. Nothing Special 2: Syn ... wie die Sünde Neither really liked what the other was doing but neither did they talk to each other about their lives or what they wanted to change about it and what they wanted their life to be like.

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My, my, my how romance novels have changed. But even with their vast differences, there was certainly more drama than necessary. This is a re-released book from the 80s with a new prologue and epilogue.The whole story was so up and down at times it was confusing.