Shields of Pride
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Shields of Pride







Shields of Pride

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Linnet is a survivor with a guilty secret.


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LIVING THE HISTORY: Shields of Pride

This is the cover.Bastard mercenary Joscelin de Gayle, favourite son of William de Rocher, the baron they call Ironheart, is given the opportunity to marry the young widow Linnet de Montsorrel and take over the running of Rushcliffe. Unlike some of her novels this book is about a fictitious person but is believable that somebody like Joscelin de Gael lived in England around this time. Madara, die Höllenkatze / Beast Quest Bd.40 Imagine comming home from his long absence and bring a pregnant mistress home.

Shields of Pride: Chadwick, Elizabeth

Interestingly though, it is set in an era which she has since explored in more detail in other novels - and you can spot names of characters whose stories will be explored. MILA 2.0: Renegade I went to Signet, a publishing venture of Penguins which was short-lived.Boy meets girl, they fall in love but moust overcome many obstacles before living happily ever after. Water Like a Stone After only a few sentences, I fell in love with Josceline.It was always one that I saved for a rainy day, but on rainy days I always found something more exciting to read instead. Why Wakanda Matters If it was a film, it would be the perfect date-movie.Story of Joscelin de Gael, illegitimate and oldest son of William de Rocher.

Shields of Pride: Chadwick, Elizabeth: 9780751540277

The details, from the ditch running down the center of the stables to the trouble getting a hauberk (essentially a metal pullover) off a wounded man, all contribute to the feeling of reality. Seven years later he had returned as the captain of his own troupe.Both had been damaged by the past and had to find a way to heal themselves and each other as they strove to stay alive and keep a balance as the conflict intensified around them and became personal. Its enough the historical romance to please girly readers of such (forigve the sterotyping) but its also enough of an action adventure story that blokes who go for that sort of thing might well enjoy it too.