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The ending was so abrupt and rushed???


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Imagine Me — Kirk Franklin |

I am very glad for it because this novel was nothing at all like anything I could have possibly imagined.Instead, we see Kenji once more as the "comic relief who cares for people". In Shatter Me, we meet a girl who is scared of her own powers. Spy Dog Secret Santa I was not pleased with the ending of the first trilogy and so I was happy to see we were getting an extension and boy, I was wrong.

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The character growth that I liked in the first trilogy is deleted and we start from the beginning with two dimensional characters.No wonder Kenji was constantly on the verge of a breakdown in this novel, the poor boy was carrying the whole story on his back! You could actually see how close they are were. Star Wars Lando - Doppelt oder Nichts! The other kids of the supreme leaders were helpful at some points, but mostly just sort of...

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Kenji is the only character in this entire book who has something active going on. Earth Unaware I loved the magical writing and the complexity of the characters.I loved the purple prose of this series. Die Rückkehr der Toten Männer / Skulduggery Pleasant Bd.8 Juliette became the brainwashed soldier and suddenly she was attracted to Anderson?Juliette went from learning her own strength and gaining autonomy in the first three books, to being the most annoyingly passive character in this last novel. Killing November That is what character development should be and this book had nothing like that.Also, Mafi better not come back four years later and say this is all part of a nine-book series because I will actually riot.

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I am invested in warner and juliette so I want to know his thought process about it all. Die besten 10 5.1-Lautsprecher-Sets Kenji was funny as usual!The entire series is done forever. Konzil von Trient So this was the final book to my favorite series ever and I was so scared!What the fuck was that? Klartext, bitte! Adam deserved so much better.As with Warner, we all know this already.

Imagine Me — Kirk Franklin |

And you know what? I have read those entries so many times before (in Destroy Me, Unravel Me, Restore Me) that when they showed up in Imagine Me, I skipped them altogether.I guess Mafi remembered that they existed and gave them dialogue lines. I mean, how bad can it be?!

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This series should have remained a trilogy!!!! I only keep reading it, because Warner and Juliette are my favorite couple and characters of all time.I was such a novice in ya, that I completely loved the series. This series is built on the idea that languages have been destroyed, that only the elite of the society study languages.