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Gone Tomorrow

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Eventually, Canaris is canned for lack of productivity, and dies shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances.

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, #13) by Lee Child


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A manuscript comes to light, but it is not the legendary novel. I was on page 369 before I realized that one of the characters in this novel by Lee Child was named Lee.I loved the ongoing thread of where Canaris had more influence on the world - whether it was through the students who moved through his classroom, or the novels he had published that had reached so many strangers. Fame and Fortune This is one of the better ones.

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These groups and others think Reacher knows more than he says, and they follow him, pressure him, and try to hurt him to get information.However, being intentionally vague at the end was a reflection of the life of the main character. The Taste of Revenge (Lucifers Wings Motorcycle Club, #1) The thing about the rubber gardening clogs had me cackling. Irish Rugby - Top 50 Players And remember a little bit more. Airman At times Reacher does get away too easily but, I read these novels to see him overcome the bad guys and it is fiction so I can overlook that.

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Canaris the author and professor is deeply in love with literature and has strong opinions on what constitutes good writing.Is there sometimes a duel between places and vocations? Mein schwarzes Herz / Victorian Rebels Bd.1 Most books about writers, and especially novels about the writing of novels, suffer either from ponderous Seriousness or too much Irony of the sort that yearns to be hip. Gespielin der Liebe / Frobisher Bd.2 Another great story, action packed, filled with suspense and twists and turns. Undone I liked the length of the chapters.

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And the ending -- bleh.But when Reacher approaches Susan to confront her, she does something he was not expecting, she shoots herself. The cult and fandom around his lost music grows. Salinger or Harper Lee type writer, in that he wrote one of the great American novels decades ago and never published anything afterwards.The characterisation of Reacher is in-depth and gives the book real integrity.